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Contains information on characters N-Z plus an update section on new characters who were featured in the April O'Neil title, featured profiles in order are: 

Ninjara, Noi Tai Dar, Null, Oceanauts, The Other, Oyuki Mashimi, Paleocha, Prehistoric Manmoth, Raphael, Rat King, Rocksteady, Sasquatch, Scul & Bean, Scumbug, Sewer Jet Ski, Shredder, Skullbuzzer, Slash, Slujj, Snake-Eyes, Sons of Silence, Splinter, Stump & Sling, Stump Arena/Asteroid, Tantric Monkeys, Tattoo, TMNT Blimp, TMNT HQ, Trap, Turnstone, Tyme & Fayme, Umi Haha, Uncanny Trio, Verminator-X, Vid Vicious, Warrior Dragon, White Ninjas, Wingnut & Screwloose, Wrestling TMNT, Wyrdwind, Wyrm, Yaguaro, Yeti, Dog Star Gang, Golden Triangle Gang, Johnny Yen, May East.

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