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Casey walks through the town he grew up in and finds out someone stole the big brass cow from one of his favorite places to go when he was younger. Casey starts to investigate and gets April and the turtles involved. After some investigative work, they find out there is much more to the story. The cow is actually made of solid gold and was stolen from Slavakia before the revolution began. The brothers that stole were trying to sell it to a businessman going by the alias Mr. Cudworth. The businessman turned out to be a criminal known as Emil Bruzkeniak. A Secret Service Agent who has been undercover for the past two years was bale to bust Bruzkeniak and the brothers before the deal was finalized. April, the turtles and Casey also played a role in the bust although their involvement complicated things and almost blew the operation. April and Casey explained the whole story to the agent. When the agent asked to question the others who helped, Casey and April explained they would prefer to stay out of the picture, as anonymous. The agent told them he would file it under Unmentionables.

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