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Kid Flash and Mal Duncan race through time, returning from the prehistoric past to the 20th Century. Upon arrival, though, they find the present a very different place. A mob of peasants descend on them, only to fall back in horror at the monstrous creature standing behind KId Flash and Duncan. Eluding the creature, Kid Flash and Duncan escape into a nearby cave. Kid Flash reflects on how they arrived at their dilemma. The Teen Titan's benefactor, Loren Jupiter, had been running an experiment in time theory, when things went awry.

An explosion in Jupiter's laboratory caught Duncan, and hurled him millions of years back in time. Duncan's sudden appearance out of thin air cause him to be worshipped, by a tribe of Neanderthals, as a God. Kid Flash had volunteered to go back in time, to retrieve Duncan. A Neanderthal woman approached Duncan, inciting a conflict between Duncan and a rival suitor. Lilith Clay used her extra-sensory perception to hone in on where in time Duncan had ended up. Duncan battled against the brutish Neanderthal man. Moments before Duncan would have been killed, Kid Flash arrived to save the day.

Knocking the club from the Neanderthal's hand, Kid Flash accidentally sent Duncan's rival over a cliffside. Before Kid Flash could rescue the Neanderthal, his weapon fell back to Earth, striking Kid Flash in the head. Momentarily stunned, there is nothing Kid Flash can do to save the Neanderthal's life. Kid Flash comes to the realization that the death of the Neanderthal man has changed history, resulting in the strange, medieval timeline he and Duncan have found themselves in. Kid Flash and Duncan head for a dark castle, in search of wizards, who may be able to help them travel back in time, and set history right.

The castle is protected by a horde of horrific creatures. Kid Flash and Duncan pole vault over the moat, only to have their poles destroyed by one of the wizards. Kid Flash and Duncan barely make it to the other side. Turning back, they discover that the creatures were merely illusions. The wizard who attacked them turns out to be Jupiter, who in this timeline is called "Jupiterius". Led into the castle by Jupiterius, Kid Flash and Duncan encounter the medieval timeline's versions of Batman, the Flash, the Green Arrow, and Superman.

The four heroes demand that Kid Flash, and Duncan, pass a test before aid will be granted to them. The counterparts of Speedy and Clay appear. Speedy, in this timeline called "Trueshot", competes against Kid Flash in an archery contest. Trueshot puts an arrow into a keyhole. Kid Flash splits that arrow, while also subtly vibrating his arrow, at super-human speed, so that it actually unlocks and opens the door. What's waiting for Kid Flash, and Duncan. behind that door, though, fills the two teen heroes with terror.

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