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Greed Kills!

The Teen Titans watch a robbery in progress. As soon as the three men successfully break into the pawn shop, Roy Harper, Mal Duncan, and Wally West move in to confront them. After overpowering West, one of the men, Kevin Murphy, flees. Racing into traffic, Murphy runs headlong into a passing automobile. The next day, on assignment from Mister Jupiter, the Teen Titans approach Hargood P. Tout, regarding a charitable donation. Tout, angrily throws them out of his office.

Upon seeing the news that Murphy, long thought dead, is still alive, Tout becomes even more enraged. A pair of assassins arrive at the hospital, to kill Murphy. The Teen Titans, checking in on Murphy, encounter the assassins. Donna Troy & Lilith Clay beat the assassins into unconsciousness. Questioning Murphy about the incident, Murphy accuses Tout of sending the assassins. Over a decade ago, Murphy and Tout pulled a successful bank heist, and escaped clean.

Tout invested his share of the loot, becoming one of the most respected businessmen in the city. Two years later, he began sending men out to kill Murphy. Murphy faked his own death, in an arson fire. It's worth more to Tout to keep his pristine reputation as a hard worker who rose from nothing, than risk Murphy revealing the truth about him. The Teen Titans realize they'll never get a donation out of Tout, now that he'll be needing his money to hire a good legal defense team.

"Some Call It Noise!"

Doctor Finch opts to perform experimental brain surgery, to save the life of a concussion victim. Aqualad and Aquagirl arrive on the mainland, to attend a concert. While the operation saves the man's life, the procedure also endows him with super-human strength and an extreme sensitivity to sound. After violently fighting his way out of the recovery room, the man races off into the night, heading for the concert venue. Rushing the stage, the man furiously throws Agualad and Aguagirl to the ground. After tending to Aquagirl, Agualad confronts his assailant.

Aqualad beats the man into unconsciousness. A still dazed Aquagirl wanders off, heading further inland. With their hour time limit, for remaining out of the sea, nearly expired, Aqualad frantically searches for Aquagirl. Aqualad finally finds Aquagirl, five minutes past their deadline. Aquagirl has already passed out. With a Herculean effort, Aqualad, fighting his own fatigue, carries Aquagirl to the sea. Aqualad collapses at the shoreline, but the incoming tide revives, and restores him. Aqualad and Aquagirl return to the sea.

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