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At one time, Billy Bitzer had been the most sought after electronics expert in show business.  He worked as the right-hand man of concert promoter Harry S. Osgood.  Coming up with an idea for a party, he is overruled by Osgood who deems the untested stunt too dangerous.  But Bitzer tries it anyway and it backfires, setting the night club ablaze and costing many lives.  Bitzer is also caught up in the accident, hideously scarring his face and destroying his hands, which have to be amputated. 
When he recovers, he opens a very successful electronics consulting firm.  However, believing that Osgood had "wanted me to fail" that night and had sabotaged the controls, Bitzer finally decides to exact revenge.  He gains two extremely powerful artificial hands built of "super-sophisticated components" that can crush a steel paperweight.
He hires the super-villainous Enforcers to terrorize the promoter, but they're stopped by the superheroic Dazzler.  The next time around, he abducts Osgood himself and is about to cut him to death, slowly using lasers, when the Dazzler saves him again, accidentally slugging the Techmaster toward the deadly laser beams.  Saved by the quick-thinking Osgood, Techmaster agrees never to trouble him again.

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