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Stormwatch: Team Achilles

Team Achilles is a branch of Stormwatch. Their job is to fight against evil post humans but the difference between this team is that it is full of mostly normal humans who simply use advanced gear and fighting skills to take down super powered threats. The team is mostly run by Ben Santini. The team like the other Stormwatch is a UN team and was made after the dissolution of the first team. However a few weeks before they where fully operational the team was forced into its first fight. The UN building was under attack by aliens and the Stormwatch members had to pull themselves together to stop the assault.

Because the team was not yet operational most of the team was not even in the UN building. Ben and Blake Coleman where the first on the scene after hitching a ride on a fire truck and going through some sewage. When they got to the building they  first had to over power a SPB terrorist and then they found  their tech guy Khalid Tefibi out cold. They wake him but because the power is out they can't get information on the attackers and need to go to an auxiliary generator to turn on the power

Realizing they are unarmed Ben and Blake at-least find some uniforms and get themselves suited up and Blake is able to find a very large gun that his grandmother set him. The three soon capture another terrorist and discover the attackers are clones and Tefibi gets the power back on. After finding out their are more terrorist with hostages Ben tells Tefibi to teleport them here. He calls Charles Pinckney and tells him to go find some supplies and get Galena Golovin. Pinckney doesn't know who that is and Ben tells him it is the random woman he had just slept with that night.

In Finland Jaeger Weiss retrieves the scarred Jukko Hamalanien thanks to the teleporter along with a cash of guns. The Ben then summons Luis Cisco from Fort Bragg. After he arrives the team is attacked by a terrorist they had captured. They try and shoot him with his gun but find it is keyed to him and they discover they are egyptian zealots who even killed kids for entering a pyramid. After hearing this Ben is angered and kills the man.

Pinckney and Golovin get the supplies and bring them back to base. After getting some soldiers in line they take a chopper. Ben uses an EMP bullet on the spaceship and the team takes out a pyrokentic with a gas explosion. After the team is sent after the other villain Jukko takes out another SPB and meets a super powered hero trying to assist.

Team Achilles
Team Achilles
However he is no help really and only get members of Achilles and the terrorists hurt and lets their leader escape. The guy is revealed to be called Giant and Ben is angry at him and tells him he is the Weatherman and knows everything about Giant and can kill him if he wants but this is all a bluff that works. He later discovers all this was arranged by Ivana Baiul and she even controls the people that made the team, but Ben kills them and goes after Ivana.

Avi Barak later joins the team but almost instantly gets on Blakes bad side partially due to Avi telepathic powers. After getting some of his ear cut off he is told to see the doctor and meets Jukko and after using his powers to find out about Jukko's marks faints. Dr. Grunier doesn't like him on the team because of his powers but Ben says he isn't on the field team. Ben later talks to Avi alone and reveals he wants him to track the person that activated the SPBs from before but that means he has to further awaken Avi's powers despite the danger but both agree.

The Authority

After using Avi's powers to answer a series of question that force his powers to increase he finds information out of one of the captive terrorists like their location in Chechnya and that The Authority are in the way as they are also after the SPBs. Ben talks to Midnighter and Jack Hawksmoor about going after the terrorist but they refuse however Ben only wanted to meet them so Tefibi could hack their radio-telepathy.

After getting some help from their "fly on the wall" Buzz Dixon the team goes toe Chechnya and fight against some monsters and then the Authority. However after stalling  and then distracting them they use them as decoys for other SPBs to attack they later find out it is all a way for the Russian Government to invade Chechnya. Achilles and Authority are again fighting and this time the Achilles team beats them. They then use the old Stormwatch teleporter to drop debris on the Russian super army killing them.

Citizen Soldier

George Washington
George Washington
One of the teams greatest enemies was the Citizen Soldier. Citizen Soldier was a unique SPB. He was really the reincarnation of the first president George Washington. However the government had been keeping tabs on him until 1947 when they lost track of his new bodies. Later he came back under the name Steve Gatesniak. He was no a very very wealthy computer business man. However for atleast the last twenty years he had been stock pilling not only money but also loyal followers.

He was intent on tacking over the U.S government because he no longer could stand what it had become. His followers attacked the Federal Reserve bank and caused the death of Achilles team mate Blake Coleman. However he didn't stop their. He went on to strike against different forces important to America like the stock market, Senate and even network satellites and even use his powers to torment the dreams of powerful americans. Eventually the group realized that to truly beat him they would need to keep him alive but frozen so he could not come back. Thy beat him but before he could be cryogenically frozen he was killed by Giant and brought back as an american born chinese baby.

Eventually the team finally caught up with Baiul. Really though it was the other way around after she kidnapped Tefibi. Eventually however she was defeated by Avi's powers. He had been able to leave mental traps in the teams minds and used the to defeat the cyborg.

Coup D'Etat

They won
They won
After the Authority took over the Us by killing the President Stormwatch knew its time was up. since they where always trying to keep thing likes this from happening and where constantly in the way of the Authority they knew they would be next on the Authority's list. Also the team knew that the UN would not be any good to them if they asked so Santini and the team choose a different approach. When the Authority came for them they where gone. They had torn the base apart killed a prisoner and left a bunch of traps for them. Ben told the team to go and scatter. Some did but a few stayed with him to keep doing what they had been all along.

Earth Entry

After a defeat the team would send a villain into the interdimensional space called Earth Entry. However many of their main villains decided to try and escape this prison. The team Responded to this action and later found themselves imprisoned in the interdimensional location.

World's End

Before the world ended Ben and his team came back. They brought along a bunch of criminals one being their enemy Baron Chaos. Ben was also married to Flint. However after going to a bar Ben finds out about the new Stormwatch PHD and feels his can now retire since the world is protected but as soon as he is ready to quit the Reapers show up and attack and he and his people get ready to fight. 

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