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Review: Taskmaster #1 0

Taskmaster takes an unlucky waitress along for his runnin' and gunnin' escape from the allied forces of all the criminal organizations he's ever trained foot soldiers for.   The Good   The Bad   I really wish they'd used the redesign Udon gave "Taskey" in the last solo mini-series he got however many years ago. It kept enough of the signature elements of his outfit (hood and skull) while omitted the outdated parts like the cape, trunks and pirate boots. I think it would've made for an even-more ...

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Wanted: Taskmaster for 1,000,000,000.00 $ 0

I love both covers for this comic, very nice display of Taskmaster.Finally giving one of Marvels most favorite mercenaries another 4-limited series, you know that a bad guy lover myself wasn't gonna turn down this issue when I saw it slapped onto the stands of my local comic book store. I personally feel that Taskmaster is an individual that’s easy for Marvel writers and artist to display as being badass and predictable at the same time. When I read about this guy, most of the time he's just te...

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Class is in Session. 0

Taskmaster is one of those fringe characters that walks the line between being a total badass, and being somewhat of a joke.  He's an unparalleled fighter who can mimic the fighting styles of anyone he sees, and yet he really hasn't gotten the spotlight he deserves.  With the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (in which Taskmaster is a playable character), I decided to check out the recent Taskmaster mini-series that finished some months ago, to get a better perspective on the master of 1,000 moves....

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