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The 'Trickster God' story arc concludes in this issue as we find the last of our heroes headed for certain death. The Skeleton Man with the mighty Hammer held tightly in his fists and fueled by the loss of everyone he has ever loved, sets off to kill the god that caused him so much pain. Raven Hex, bound and tortured by Loki, reaches her mental breaking point and shatters.

At Black Rose Manor Raven Hex is bound by Loki and is being tormented with overwhelming sensations of pleasure. Suspended upside down the trickster god uses his thoughts to induce wave after wave of ecstasy into the helpless Raven urging her to submit to him and be his mistress.

Finally Raven can take it no more and submits, crying out that she will be his mistress, Loki releases her and she drops to the floor. Taunting her Loki makes her repeat it louder and louder then commands her to crawl to him. Raven crawls on her hands and knees across the floor to her new master who orders her to lick his boot. As Raven leans in bringing her tongue to the black boot of her new god she rebels and blasts him with and energy wave of magic.

As she continues to punish Loki under her spells Jon burst in to her rescue, momentarily distracted, Loki gets the upper hand and blasts Raven Hex with all his powers disintegrating her as she calls out with her dying breath to her dead father, “Your little girl comes to you! Hold me.. in your arms… once more.”

Jon now stands over the ashes of Ravens body, having seen the entire family of witches killed in just the last few hours. Loki muses that Raven was nothing but a passing fancy and demands Mjollnir. Jon wastes no time in unleashing the power of Thor’s hammer and blasts Loki with a beam of energy sending him through the wall. The trickster god returns with his golden spear and the two do battle destroying the Black Rose Manor.

Just as Loki is about to strike the killing blow, Jon bloodied and broken in the rubble, laughs at Loki telling him his boots are untied. Falling for the deception Loki looks down only to realize his boots don’t even have laces, but this has given Skeleton Man the seconds he needed to regain the initiative. He tosses the mighty hammer and strikes Loki in the chin with all the power of Mjollnir. The enchanted hammer returns to his hand and he stands over Loki’s body raising it to strike the final blow and kill the god.

Just then he is interrupted by Hel, the goddess of the underworld who begs him to stop, saying it is not Loki’s time to die. Jon tells her Loki has cost him everything he loves and speaking for all of mankind he no longer cares about the will of the gods. “You don’t listen to our prayers, maybe you will hear this.” He strikes don’t towards the unconscious Loki’s head with Mjollnir…

And then all is returned to the way it was, Jon is in the forgotten graveyard yelling at the troublesome occupants. His home still intact as though the events of the past night had not even happened.

The issue and the story arc “The Trickster God” concludes, and it is assumed that Hel, or another god, heard Jon’s cries and returned everything to the way it was in order to save Loki or to give back to the mortals below them.

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