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Take a peek inside the diaries of Tarot, Raven Hex and Boo Cat, as their most intimate moments are revealed. Tarot's first spiritual rapture, young Raven Hex faces two large challenges, and Boo's first purrs for Tarot.

Diary of a Witch begins at Witch Hollow the home of Tarot the Witch of the Black Rose. Outside the mansion in the snow we find three fairies, one gold, one blue, and one pink, who have just stolen a collection of diaries from some humans here in the mortal realm. As the little nude fairies open the pages of the books they laugh at how they are sure to be a source of laughs as they are filled with secrets of the goofy looking humans.

The fist passage they read is from the diary of Rowan, also known as Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Coven and Swordmaiden to the Goddess. Tarot is writing the day after her swordmaiden test when the Goddess anointed her as the keeper of the Black Rose Sword and the one to keep balance between the world of man and the world of magic. These events will be further detailed later in Tarot #62 the 10 anniversary issue.

Tarot, appearing on a hilltop greets the goddess, who acknowledges her with a loud crack of thunder and lightning. Then she was prepared by a coven of hooded witches who blindfolded her and painted the special star of the craft on her body. Tarot was prepared for the trials, to be tested and if she passed to be instilled as a living sword of justice for the craft, the Swordmaiden of the Goddess.

She faced a fiery giant who embodies the scrutiny and judgment of the world outside the craft. She stood bravely, naked and blindfolded as the giant fire demon brandished a massive trident.

Tarot recalls in her diary; “I felt like every witch who stands in the craft… naked. Exposed to the prying eyes of the world. Our curves and crevices being probed by their judging stares, trying to find a weakness within us… a flaw. All so they can use it to discredit and desecrate our chosen path.”

She prepares for the first strike of the demon and shouts out against it in defiance but the monsters blow passes her defenses and the white hot trident pierces her body in three places. She understands she must be more flexible in her defense not as ridged. She must use the Black Rose Sword as well as magical spells, with both in combination she is able to strike at the heart of the demon and vanquish it. Tarot has claimed her place and learned her most valuable and most defining lesson.

The fairies are disappointed with the story and move on to another diary, this one is the property of Raven Hex, the Dark Witch who begins her diary entry simply and straight forwardly “I hate how large my breasts are.”

Raven remembers her embarrassment during puberty as her breast continued to grow and grow, her mother tried to comfort her and reassure her but her body image was shattered by the cruelty of others. Men who would gawk and make fun of her and women who would call her “slut” and “whore” just because of her ample breast.

Some of Raven’s attitude towards the world of man is explained after the years of harassment by the townies of Salem, first for being a witch and now for the size of her breasts. As a young woman she cried herself to sleep countless nights hiding away not wanting anyone to see her body, ashamed of herself.

Raven continues to write about how one night as a teen she was awoken and felt drawn towards the garden, she put on a thin veil cover and walked outside knowing she was alone and would not be seen by anyone in the huge garden of the dark mansion Witch Hallow. As she stepped into the hedge maze she was beset on all sides by red eyes winged demons hurling vulgarities and curses at her about her breasts. She ran for hours mocked and tormented by the voices and as the night wore on they began to sound more and more like her own voice. She was being chased and tormented by inner demons but still could not escape the power they had over her.

Collapsing defeated by her insecurities she decided not to try to hide her breasts, that if they intimidated people that was their problem she would not be made to change herself. This self awakening destroyed the last obstacle that had her trapped in the hedge maze and she emerged a changed woman. The teenaged Raven looked into the pool and saw a reflection of her future self; tall, tattooed, with long dark hair and large breasts. She finally like the reflection she saw. She dove into the pool and let the years of self hate wash away until she felt renewed, she emerged from the pool a new girl, who loved herself.

The Fairies are still not amused and turn to their next diary, this one written by the werekitty know as Boo Cat. Boo is telling her ‘dear diary’ about the first time she saw Tarot and it was love at first sight. A young and lustful Boo was working in a exotic boutique when a beautiful busty red headed vision walked in looking for a new bra.

The horny kitty careful took the teen witch’s measurements and started presenting her with bra after bra to try on. The two girls hit it off right away and Boo convinced Tarot to have some fun trying on some different costumes from the stores fetish line.

By the time Tarot left the boutique she had two bags of goodies but was missing one thing, the bad little teen Boo kitty had stolen the young witches panties. After closing up the store Boo transformed to her werecat form under the full moon and proceeded to track the teenaged Tarot down. Finding her at Witch Hollow asleep in her bedroom, much to Boo’s delight skyclad. Boo spent the night playing with Tarot even waking her up at one point but hiding under the bed so she would not be discovered. Boo continued into the morning until she was forced to hide under the bed again as the sun rose and she was transformed back into her human form. Boo escaped once tarot left her bed, stopping to seal another glance at her, before escaping into the woods.

Totally disappointed in the results of the diary and befuddled by the strange customs and actions of the humans the fairies plan to return the dairies and simply proceed to play pranks on the humans. After all thats the only thing they are good for.

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