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Taras worked with Killian to make sure the Blue were he superior race on this world instead of the humans. Together they attempted to turn Aspen Matthews against the humans, but Cannon Hawke and others stopped him in this attempt. He was seemingly killed by Cannon Hawke when they fought and Cannon ended up throwing Taras in the energy beam from the Blue Sun. But this was not the end of him, Taras mangled body was found by his mother and they tried to get him back alive. So they wanted to switch him with the body from Cannon Hawke. They were foiled in their attempt by Sara Pezzini, Lara Croft and Aspen. But something changed inside of Cannon Hawke, when they tried to switch their bodies a part of Taras mind when into Cannon.

Cannon was losing grip on his own mind while Taras was beginning to take control, they fought multiple times in Cannon's mind until their final fight finally began. Cannon understood he was in control of his mind and memories and managed to kill Taras by throwing him into the energy beam from the Blue Sun in his mind once more. Taras is now seemingly dead.

Powers and abilities

Taras is a member of the Blue so like any member he has control of the water. He has extensive combat knowledge and is an expert in hand to hand combat. He has also shown to have ice control while in Cannon's body but it is unknown if he had this power when he was in his own body.

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