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Her past is unknown. She has mentioned running into several notable cosmic figures in the DC Universe (Lobo and the Green Lanterns specifically). Tanga's run in with the Green Lanterns was not a positive one according to her. In the entirety of the Weird Worlds series and the beginning of the My Greatest Adventure series, there have been no actual appearances, however, by any notable DC figures. The distance she has traveled, where she is traveling from, and how deep her history is with the DC characters are all mysteries.


Tanga is the creation of Kevin Maguire.

Carla Brown
Carla Brown

Kevin Maguire had an idea for a character that he first called My Space Girl. The idea for this character had been lurking around in Maguire's mind for a long time. Kevin Maguire described Tanga's looks as being inspired by the glamour model Carla Brown.

Dan Didio spoke to Maguire and the pair began planning for the first appearance of this character. R.E.B.E.L.S. and Metal Men were both discussed as possible locations for a story involving Tanga. Neither of these series ended up working out but Weird Worlds came along and was a perfect fit for Tanga.

Major Story Arcs

Weird Worlds

Tanga Flying the Cosmos
Tanga Flying the Cosmos

Tanga first appeared in Weird Worlds as a creature of extraordinary power. She traveled the universe for unknown reasons other than to find, as she put it, "simple creature comforts". Tanga found her way to the planet Cammera where she quickly went from a nobody, to a hero, and all the way down to the most hated person on the planet. She made a few friends along the way; specifically Korghan and Bent.

She also met a creature named Za who was the protector of the Cammerans. He was most interested in the source of her power which she was reluctant to reveal. Za agreed to give Tanga a ship for free but she chose to do work on Cammera in order to pay for the ship. Tanga began to clean up the monster problem that had been infesting Cammera, but more monsters were appearing which led the Cammerans to blame her.

My Greatest Adventure

Tanga and Her Usual Carefree Mood
Tanga and Her Usual Carefree Mood

In My Greatest Adventure, Tanga continued her job as protector of the planet Cammera. She became fed up with doing all the work while Za sat in his palace and relaxed. While travelling around, Tanga managed to meet up with Bent and Korghan again. The three of them then went to meet a curious little fellow named Berilidos. He claimed to know the reason for the recent surge of monster attacks. Tanga was then sent by Berilidos around the world to face another one of these monsters. During the ensuing fight, Tanga was confronted by Za. Now fully healed, Za was prepared to fight Tanga so he could be rid of her.

Za and Tanga battle it out around and even inside one of the monsters. Tanga fooled Za into believing that she gave up and would submit to him. It was all a ploy so that, as soon as he tried to kiss her, Tanga released a mouthful of Bruk into his system. Bruk is the most potent alcoholic beverage on Cammera. Za, now severely drunk, is easily handled by Tanga. She threw him a mile underground and away from the influence of the solar energy that is the source of his power. With Za having been dealt with for the time being, Tanga returned to his palace to confront P'Nigh and Fialla.

In the confrontation with P'Nigh it was revealed that they were responsible for the monsters on Cammera. Fialla and P'Nigh used a teleporter to transport the monsters to the planet. This gave Za an opponent to defeat so that the populace of Cammera would worship him as a god. Meanwhile, as the people of Cammera worshiped their god, they secretly harvested the blue ore indigenous to the planet that was an extremely potent drug. Tanga ended up killing P'Nigh and Fialla with an explosive burst of power. Disgusted with the situation, and how her friends turned their backs on her, Tanga leaves Cammera in search of other life to interact with.

Powers and Abilities

Tanga Attacking a Monster
Tanga Attacking a Monster

She has demonstrated great power but does not realize just how powerful she really is. In the first issue of Weird Worlds, she even let her emotions get the best of her and she accidentally destroyed a ship. The nature upon which she has been granted these powers, by birth or other means, has yet to be revealed.

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