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The Good

The story of Calvin Rose continues. Seeing a little more from his past along with the next step in his fight against the Court of Owls is almost becoming addicting. What started out as a novel idea is turning into a nice story of action and suspense.

The more we see from this little corner of the DC Universe, the more you want to know. There are elements to this issue that makes it feel it could be easily adapted into a movie. When it comes to comic books, we often have to stretch our sense of disbelief. With TALON, we get to sit back and enjoy the show.

Even though the concept obviously comes from the pages of BATMAN, having this separate feel is what makes the book stand out. In the beginning I was looking forward to the inevitable crossover/guest appearance by Batman but now I want that to be postponed for as long as possible. We are being introduced to more people that have the possibility of becoming part of Calvin's inner circle (if they survive here) and it's refreshing to see some new faces in the DCU. James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder are creating a great little corner of the DCU that deserves to stand on its own.

Guillem March's art fits perfectly for the big action scenes that take place. Even the scenes involving conversations look good. A moment that really stood out was a sequence of two panels shifting from six years ago to the present. Calvin hasn't changed too much but you can see a few tiny differences that gives the sense that he has aged a tiny bit in that time period.

The Bad

While it's cool seeing little nods or mentions of Ra's al Ghul or Waynetech, it almost feels like it's hitting too close to home. What we're seeing with Calvin Rose is an individual that has remained unseen by the rest of the DC Universe for the last six years. Now as he continues to wage his battle against the remnants of the Court of Owls, the bits of tying together the continuity and people almost makes it feel like too much of a coincidence. But it was great when Ra's ah Ghul and a Lazarus Pit were mentioned, Calvin said, "I have no idea what any of those words mean..."

The issue is split between the action and the conversations setting up the present day situation. A lot can change within six years and it might be from us not fully knowing what happened but it's a little hard to gauge the relationship between Calvin and a person from his past. This person has gone through some changes as well.

I'm still having a little difficulty accepting Calvin's costume. I understand the reasoning for wearing it, what it offers and what it represents. But it's almost as if he doesn't do too much to hide it. And seeing so many people know his name and identity may not be a concern for his character but it makes you wonder how he's managed to live in secrecy for the past six years.

The Verdict

TALON may be oozing from the pages of Night of the Owls in BATMAN but you can see how easily this book can stand on its own. More and more, I want to see just that. I don't want to see Batman pop into this series just yet even though we all know it has to happen eventually. James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder are carving out a great corner of the DCU and with all the new characters we're seeing, it's definitely earning the right to stand alone. We do see some mentions of Batman elements that feel a little forced but it is understandable and serves to remind us of the world Calvin is in. Guillem March is great at capturing both the big action as well as the scenes of conversation. I can't wait to see what's coming next.


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