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The Egghead is back, and now Spider-Man's involved! But why is Spidey throwing down with Giant-Man's villain? Wasp's stings powers get an upgrade!

Features Include:

On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man

The Balloon

A Voice in the Dark

On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man

Henry Pym designs a new weapon for The Wasp - a compressed air gun called "The Wasp's Sting". Elsewhere Egghead has decided he's been in hiding long enough and it's time to put his cunning new plan into action. He's been busy designing a way he can also communicate with ants and sends out a false message that Spider-Man is preparing to attack Giant Man and The Wasp.

The ants believe the message to be true and report it to Pym, who decides to send his partner out on a scouting mission to track Spidey. Eventually the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger is found by Jan who decides to ignore Giant Man's orders not to tackle Spider-Man by herself. Spidey instantly subdues The Wasp and captures her. The Wasp sends out an SOS to her boyfriend and soon enough a superhero duel begins between Giant Man and Spider-Man.

Meanwhile Egghead calls the police to alert them "as a concerned citizen" that a brawl has broken out between the two superheroes. The fight keeps the police busy in one part of town as Egghead had planned and he soon hatches the 2nd part of his scheme to rob a payroll truck in another part of town.

Whilst Egghead and his men are making good their escape to an abandoned warehouse(!), they are spotted by a group of ants who report to Henry Pym. Thus realising they've been duped, Giant Man, Spider-Man and The Wasp head to the warehouse to foil Egghead and his goons.

A final fight ensues that the heroes easily win and Egghead tries to bribe both Spidey and Pym into finishing each other off. Neither of them take the bait and Egghead is handed over to the boys in blue. The story ends with both Spider-Man and The Wasp declaring their mistrust of each other.

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