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  1. Cover by Brian Bolland.
  2. "Triumph!" written by Len Wein (from a plot by Mike W. Barr), penciled by Joe Staton, inked by Frank McLaughlin, colored by Anthony Tollin and lettered by Ben Oda.


  • Featuring concepts by Marv Wolfman and Jack C. Harris.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Plastic Man in "Gold for Dessert".

The Green Lantern Corps are called to the planet Oa, when they arrive they find Hal Jordan laying unconscious amongst a scene of carnage. Krona the renegade is clearly responsible, throughout we see an ongoing battle between the guardians of Oa and The evil that is emerging from another dimension. Krona has been sent back by the Nekron, the Lord of the underworld, his intentions are to slay the guardians of Oa so a passage from Nekron's dimension can be formed. A weak passage is formed allowing an infinite army of the undead to wage war on the ever opposing Corps. During this struggling battle Hal Jordan makes his way through the vortex created by Krona, there he confronts Nekron, in this dimension in which the dead are captured. Hal's Life force starts to deteriorate, before his demise Hal call's upon the Green lantern who have passed into Nekron's underworld, the green lantern flame still burns on in the underworld and the Dead lanterns unite and overpower Nekron. With the defeat of Nekron, Krona feels the shift in power and his army are forced back into the vortex. Just before the Guardians seal the whole between the two dimension's, Hal is saved by the mysterious character Abin Sur. Hal's predecessor. after a small celebration Hal is honored by the guardians, they provide him with the leadership of The green lantern corps.

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