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Little is known about the being known as Synthesizer.  Dr Zoya Vasilievna and Dr Arkady Tegai were present when the Soviet Super Soldiers were returned following their attempted defection to the United States.  The two were instrumental in the trios escape with the assistance of the Blind Faith, Concussion, Iron Curtain and Sibercat.
Later, the duo were present when the Unicorn was having his weapon helmet removed and witnessed the bizarre mutation caused by the weapon.  A third eye was protruding from the Unicorn's forehead and it contained a powerful laser.  The unicorn was insane and began destroying the Russian facility.  As they realized they were the only metahumans in the area, Zoya and Arkady divulged their secret to their surviving comrades by combining into Synthesizer.
Synthesizer engaged the deranged Unicorn who had just dispacted the Supreme Soviets but were unable to incapacitate him with their electomagnetic emissions before finally being downed by their foe.  Unicorn was subdued by the recently resurrected Titanium Man before he could even celebrate his victory.


Synthesizer was created by Fabian Nicieza, Angel Medina and Javier Saltares in 1992 and first appeared in Soviet Super Soldiers # 1. 

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