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 Synth shape-shifting to become Major Force
 Synth shape-shifting to become Major Force
Synth was part of a government testing program that granted him powers of strength and shape-shifting, but which made him an idiot every alternate twelve hours. As such, he was easily manipulated by others. 
He fell in love with Mindy Falconer (the Piper's) daughter, and they staged her kidnapping. The Piper died while trying to fill out their ransom orders. Aztek, fulfilling the Piper's last wish, worked with Kyle Rayner to free his daughter. They uncovered the plot, and fought Synth. At the last minute, midnight, Synth's intellect-swap kicked in. While meaning to shoot Aztek, he shot Falconer instead. 


 For 12 out of every 24 hours, Synth has super-strength, shape-shifting, and a genius intellect. For the other twelve he has strength and shape-shifting, but is left idiotic.

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