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Initially only mentioned in X-Force #83 they debut in X-Force #84.


After the inception of the Damocles Foundation it was decided that a special group would be trained to deal with defectors and those who had clashed with the ideals they represented. To that end Ulysses Dragonblood  was nominated to train a group of new deviants. 
After training was completed Zona  was made field leader  and each was given armor to aid them in their missions.
As time went on however Ulysses  broke away from the group and those who he had trained were sent to capture or kill him by any means necessary.

Hunting Dragonblood

Argos the hunter tracked down Ulysses  and his companion Arcadia to an abandoned coalmine in Kentucky and after engaging him in combat along with mutant cannonball he was defeated but not before he sent his coordinates to the rest of sword. They retrieved their teammate and engaged Ulysses and X-Force . Sword was defeated and almost killed by arcadia but they were spared by Ulysses.
Shamed they returned to their base in Brazil where they defeated an infiltrating Selene and Sunspot. When X-Force  arrived they did battle again and were defeated. During this time a resurrected and commandeered Gatherer was used to de-evolve the team into lizards. when the gatherer was defeated it is unknown if they were returned to normal.
They have not been seen since

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