pspin's Sword of Sorcery #3 - Family Reunion; Chapter IV: Iron Trolls review

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Sword of Sorcery #3 Review

Sword of Sorcery #3 Review

Amethyst Review


The plot thickens as war is declared and Amaya disappears.

The Good:

This issue is a bit slower than the others as it takes a break from introducing characters and motive and focuses more Amaya’s training and main plot development. The main characters are also fleshed out a bit and this is good as the previous issues have not dealt with a lot of character development.

Christy Marx was and still is on fire. The world she is creating is both intricate beautiful, it almost makes me with this was a novel so more people would be exposed to it.

Aaron Loperesti and Claude St. Aubin split the art here, and while both are great and fit the series like a glove, there is a difference between them, it isn’t jarring or anything but noticeable none the less. Seeing a new artis on the series is kind of nice, even if it is only for a few pages.

The Bad:

Nothing major, but there is clearly magic in the world and as Amaya is training with it, it is unexplained and right before an explanation is given, something happens and they can’t. This isn’t an issue killing deal, it is a sacrifice to getting two stories in one issue, but it is a little annoying; it is only the third issue though so no harm done.


Another great issue from a great creative team that delivers each time, this issue, while a bit slower, shows some of the littler things that paint a picture of a more complete world that and is great.

5 (4.9) out of 5

Beowulf Review


Beowulf fights Grendel’s mother.

The Good:

What isn’t good about this story? Seriously I wish that this was its own series because it was so awesome, but then I don’t because I have no money. Anyway, the story wraps up here and the big reveal, which was hinted at before, is awesome and leaves you wondering.

Tony Bedard does a great job with the writing. The story is great, the dialogue is great, the pacing is great, this whole story is great.

The art by Jesus Saiz is a perfect fit for the series.

The Bad:

It is ending! This was the last back up featuring Beowulf for the immediate future, which sucks but it says he will be back in 2013, which is good.


A great end to the arc that is done by a great creative team, if you like fantasy stories or sword and sorcery stories, read this.

5 out of 5

Issue Verdict

I know that these reviews probably sound like a broken record about how great they are but honestly; this is a great series that any fantasy fan should be reading. Both stories have great creative teams that continue to deliver and really make it worth the 3.99 price tag (and arguably the best deal in comics from the big 2 right now.)

5 (4.95) out of 5

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