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Swien was the assistant to Deuces Wilde, the gambling entrepreneur who is the adversary of The Web. He made himself known when Rudolph Harbinger tried to bully Wilde into joining the Global Concern, by shooting him point blank after Wilde refused Harbinger's offer. He then was next seen fighting Web along with Stunner, after Web found out that Martin Scott was getting his insurance clients killed in order to cut costs for his company, Advantage Health. He was slapped around by Web, but then decided to dish out some pain to him by the use of a pair of electric gauntlets, until Web used Stunner's own energy-draining abilities to drain Swien of his gauntlet's powers, excepted it overloaded her, prompting both of them to be rendered unconscious. It is unknown if he or Stunner survived Scott's destruction of the mansion in which they were fighting in after being left in a ditch by Wilde, to his regret.

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