Swamp Thing's first cross-over event in the New 52! Here, we see Swamp Thing and Abigail team up with none other than Animal Man. Trouble is brewing in the balance between The Green, The Red, and The Rot, as Anton Arcane sets out on his path to take over the world. Alec and Buddy are flung into the future where the Rot has already defeated Earth's mightiest heroes and conquered the world. It's now up to Swamp Thing and Animal Man (joined by a host of familiar supporting characters from the DC Universe) to put an end to Anton Arcane!

Saga of The Swamp Thing

This is the book that re defined Comic Books.

With Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson's strange creation's first big screen movie adaption under Young Horror director Wes Craven faltering at the box office, DC's tie in comic book/ relaunch of the Swamp Thing comic was not doing well sales wise. DC's editorial staff namely Karen Berger decided to take a risk on newbie British writer Alan Moore and allowed him to pick up from Len Wein's original spin on the series.

The series really came into its own when it became the first Mainstream comic book to completely abandon the Comic's Code Authority. Moore's Swamp Thing went on to win 5 Jack Kirby Awards and quickly made Moore one of the biggest names in Adult Comic Books. He completely revitalized the character taking a lot of the originally unsuccessful concepts and either getting rid of them or changing them to make them work. Moore eventually left the title after having Swamp Thing meet John Constantine, Battle against mystical celestial threats alongside DC's greatest magicians, almost destroy Gotham City, Die and travel through the depths of space. This is an absolutely must read for anyone even slightly interested in comics. This run changed my life and is still in my opinion the greatest comic book run I have ever read.

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