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Beyond grazing poltergeists and aspects of Heaven, Swamp Thing travels deeper and further than he ever has before on the most important mission of his life! This over-sized issue guest-stars Deadman, The Spectre and more!

With Abigail dead Swamp Thing sulks in the swamp watching over her body. Alec says that he would follow her down if he could. He remembers that he is not bound to this body and once went beyond this plane. Swamp Thing does so again as he enters the "emerald fathoms" and goes beyond life itself.

He arrives at the "Region of the Just Dead" and finds a mother and son who have just passed being guided beyond with the help of Deadman. Deadman sees Swamp Thing and is surprised to see him again. Swamp Thing is confused since he has no recollection of it but Deadman states that he was with him unseen; this encounter is shown from Challengers of the Unknown #82 - The Lurker Below through Challengers of the Unknown #87 - Twelve Million Years to Twilight. Swamp Thing asks Deadman if he has seen Abby but he says he has not.

The Phantom Stranger enters and takes over as Alec's guide. He take him to heaven in search of Abby. Instead of her they find the human Alec Holland who thanks him for putting him to rest in The Saga of Swamp Thing #28 - The Burial. Linda Holland is there as well but Swamp Thing decides it would be best not to go and greet her. Alec tells them that Abby is not there and they depart for Hell.

As they descend they grow colder and The Stranger states:

Let us seek permission for our descent into pandemonium.

Confused by this, Swamp Thing is shocked when The Spectre opens his colossal eyes. The Spectre tells them that he has seen Abigail but the she would not be allowed access to leave. Swamp Thing lunges to attack but The Stranger stops. Rather than use force The Stranger and The Spectre argue with logic until The Stranger outwits him, and they are allowed passage into Hell.

Once there Etrigan emerges and leads Swamp Thing through Hell as The Phantom Stranger can go no further. Here Alec finds General Sunderland being mutilated by a demon and Arcane ironically wallowing in a pit of bugs. He asks Swamp Thing how many years he had been down there but Alec replies: "Since yesterday." They find Abigail amongst other demon who wish to prey on her. Swamp Thing attacks them and he takes Abby. The trio flees and Etrigan begins to open a "chymic window" to return Alec and Abby, but Arcane bites at Alec's legs to prevent their escape. He is kicked off and Swamp Thing is allowed a getaway. Etrigan tells him that Abby will have no memory of what happened. Back in the world Abby is returned safe and sound.

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