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SWAMP THING battles his way through the BONE KINGDOM to take on SETHE and his servants!

This issue lays the groundwork for the debut of a classic Swamp Thing villain and the beginning of the next phase for this series.

The transformed Abby has pierced Swamp Thing and is about to eat him when he tries to speak and reason with Abby. Abby and all of the minions scream out "NO!" and Abby continues to slash at Alec. She raises her claw for a final blow when Alec raises his hand and Abby begins to fall. He begins to control something inside her. He starts to destroy the Rot that has taken her over from the inside out with the use of orchid seeds that Abby had previously eaten in canned peaches. She bursts out from the black shell that covered her.

Sethe suddenly appears and whips up a sandstorm and begins to pummel Alec. Just as he is beginning to bury Alec, Abigail stops the blowing winds and faces Sethe. His minions charge at her but she destroys them by bringing up the sandstorm again. She, having superior powers, begins to systematically break bones within Sethe's body; ultimately Sethe is converted to dust. William Arcane runs to Sethe's ashes and cries out, but there is no one to hear him. Abby collects Alec and they walk away. In the distance William stops crying, and maniacally giggles to himself as he is told "The True Father" is being unleashed---

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