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Abby faces some definite horrors in a visit to see Matt and is forced to make a most painful decision.

Abby having in the last issue received notice that she would no longer be receiving government benefits is reminded of her ex-husband, Matthew Cable. She visits him at the hospital he is at and is notified that during the time he has been there his bills, have accrued to an incredible amount. Also while she is there realizes however evil he had been, Matt in his comatose state, is now being victimized and ravaged by the hospital and staff that is supposed to care for him. She decides to try to end his suffering.

Within the issue glimpses of Matt in a dreamlike world are shown. Here he goes through a self discovery aided by Dream of the Endless (Morpheus). Ultimately he is freed from the grasp of the machines just as Abigail was ready to pull the plug. He pulls himself free from his lifelines and ask Abigail for forgiveness, then dies; not before giving her his blessing for having found someone else to treat her better than he and love her.

Note: Swamp Thing does not appear in this issue.

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