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One deadly Russian cyborg!!
One deadly Russian cyborg!!


Sasha Pokryshkin was blasted with radiation during a nuclear power plant accident. The event caused irreparable damage to his lungs and limbs but provided him with freakish strength. He received cybernetic implants in different parts of his body and was named Svyatogor after the mightiest of Slavic heroes. He joined the   Bogatyri named for the "Valiant Champions of Elder Days" in Russian folklore which are a group of superhuman Russians led by Dr. Vladimir Volkh. They infiltrate a Canadian Distant Early Warning base to set motion Operation Polaris where they plan to start a new Cold War and start a deadlier Ice Age to freeze the entire North American Continent. The Canadian base they invaded was developing a prototype of a quick-freeze crystal and these ice crystals multiply and spread very quickly in all directions. The core crystal absorbs heat from the air, imparts that power causing secondary crystals to grow at a rapid rate. Glaciers would form and keep moving south until the entire United States became a continent of ice. 

After taking over the base, two members of the Bogatyri named Svyatogor and Zvezda Dennista captured Logan while he was backpacking in the Canadian wilderness. However Wolverine is assisted by members of the West Coast Avengers and thwart the Bogatyri's plans for a new Cold War. The team manages to escape in their hovercraft and the current whereabouts of Svyatogor are unknown.   


Svyatogor was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and David Ross in 1992 and first appeared in Avengers West Coast # 87. 

Powers & Abilities

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Wonder Man vs Svyatogor
Svyatogor has cybernetic implants in different parts of his body and possesses superhuman strength and durability. His right hand is replaced with an unique firearm design that has two barrels that can shoot automatic rounds. The armor on his body is very durable being able to withstand blows from Wonder Man and Wolverine.  

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