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New Authority
New Authority
After Jack Hawksmoor decided to use the super team the Authority to fight against not just super being but also big business and corruption the big boys didn't like it and they chose to fight back. To do so they created Seth and had him make his way on to The Carrier and use his numerous powers to fight the Authority. In the end he only Mdinighter and Jenny Quantum got out of the Carrier. Soon however with their problem out of the way the G7 countries decided to build a New Authority.

The Surgeon was created to replace the Doctor. He was from france and like the rest of his team he was a big jerk and love to use violence. When he along with the rest of his team got on the Carrier (it hated them by the way) they abandoned a number of refugees who had been given homes, but while they where being blessed by Chaplain Action on TV the world began to change. After some aliens showed up they found out they weren't aliens but the people who where abandoned.

The place they where dumped was called Re-Space and it gave them the power to do as they wished. They took their bosses money and turned the new team into the old one. Sadly it didn't last long after the homophobic Last Call who had been turned into Midnighter was touched by Apollo. Soon the others followed and then Colonel turned everything back the way it was. Later Surgeon revealed his idea for building a new religion called Religimon (think buddha and pokemon)

After some SPB's from the future came to stop disasters and the team went to clean up it was revealed that each member of the team had been given crap lives and The Doctor was turned into a toy sized man that cleaned the Surgeons pants and stole his powers but wasn't accepted by the Garden of Ancestral Memory. Soon however Midnighter came out of hiding and got himself on the Carrier and started to kill the team. The Surgeon was just one of the many people he killed.


Surgeon has the same powers of the Doctor so he can do anything he wants by thinking about it and had many of the different senses but was still a jerk. He could also enter the Garden of Ancestral Memory but still wasn't accepted by them.

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