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Shape! Emil Burbank! Arcanna! And Nuke!

When four of the most powerful individuals on earth collide with their prey -- the titanic Hyperion -- the earth-shattering results are not to be missed!
Shape, Burbank, Arcanna, Nuke, and Hyperion ("Mark") have been accidentally transferred to another universe (and additionally forward in time). Hyperion in the alternate universe ("Hyperion") has been brainwashing super-powered beings to bring them under his control. He has just revealed this to Mark.
Hyperion, with Zarda, wants to return Mark to his normal universe, having himself visited a future possibility Hyperion who communicated the importance of control as an aspect of power years before (a role that he has just performed for Mark in issue #4). However, Mark will not voluntarily return with Shape, Burbank, Arcanna, and Nuke, whose powers brought them here in the first place.  Therefore, Hyperion decides to make himself and his Squadron of brainwashed heroes their common enemy, forcing them into a temporary alliance that will return Mark to his home dimension.
Hyperion sends his squad after Mark via radio communication on an open channel, knowing that Emil and his crew will pick up that information.
Skylark, Lamprey, Black Archer, Doctor Spectrum, and Blue Eagle team up to attack Mark. Skylark uses a sonic blast to stun him, as Lamprey siphons off a portion of his power and Black Archer uses exploding arrows. Doctor Spectrum opens up with a crystal powered blast that punches Mark into the ground.
The entire team backs off as Zarda comes in for the kill, plunging in to batter Mark even farther into the ground. He is knocked unconscious. Emil and Arcanna work to convince Nuke to help transport them home. Nuke is reluctant because he wants to witness Mark's death after learning that his ship was the source of the spores which gave him his powers, thereby killing innocent people through cancer and radiation poisoning, including his parents.
Convinced that this is the only way to return home, Nuke engages Doctor Spectrum, who is shocked to see Nuke alive again (Nuke was killed by Doctor Spectrum in this universe).  Arcanna comes to an accord with Mark to return them home, and based on Emil's calculations, they are transported back to our world with Mark consenting to their authority.
Arcanna and Emil present their report to General Alexander, indicating that Mark is ready to come back into the government fold. Emil tells General Alexander that he agrees with Arcanna, the quantum reality they slipped into has ceased to exist as a separate line of possibility. Emil secretly concludes that in fact the alternate reality was the future of their own timeline, based on a newspaper clipping he picked up there. He decides that the two years remaining are enough time to do what he needs to in order to be prepared for Mark's takeover.
Mark gives a speech reintroducing himself to the American people, saying it is good to be home again.

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