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Joe Ledger (Doctor Spectrum) is sent to investigate the blast site where General Casey attempted to kill Hyperion (Mark Milton) using a twenty-kiloton blast with Hyperion at ground zero. His handlers particularly want to know whether Hyperion has survived the blast. Using the crystal, Ledger locates the cave that Hyperion took shelter in following the attack. Joe's persona loses control and he has no memory for a period of about ten minutes.

Zarda tells Hyperion their origin. They were released from a large ship in small cradle-pods in pairs to seed planets. As they were released, an enemy attacked their parent ship, and their two cradle-pods went by different paths to the same destination. Zarda arrived on Earth two thousand years earlier than Mark. She tells him the story again, this time wrapped in the language of myth, they are the children of gods, who went to war but left their children behind, and begins to tell the story a third time, only to realize that her mind is clouded with confusion. The one thing she is certain of is their purpose: to conquer, kill, and rule the Earth in preparation for a wave of their people.

Kyle Richmond (secretly Nighthawk) awards Stanley Stewart (the Blur) a giant check which will be used to fund a scholarship in his name to promote the education and rise of African Americans. After the ceremony, Kyle takes Stanley aside and asks him tough questions about what he intends to actually do with his life other than collect endorsement money from big businesses. Kyle entrusts Stewart with his secret vigilante identity and challenges him to join him that night. When they meet later, it emerges that Nighthawk is investigating the deaths of prostitutes in the Chicago area. They sneak into a building avoiding guards and in the basement find a massive pile of human limbs, rent from bodies by sheer force. Nighthawk speculates that the killer is another super powered being, full of evil.

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Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.

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