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God War Part 1: After his battle against Overkill, Supreme was transported beyond his will to Asgard, land of the nordic gods. 
Then he uncounters Loki who offer him his help him against Thor who is willing to regain his lost hammer Mjolnir (Supreme took Mjolnir from Thor in issue #8). But the earth hero refuses the loki's tricks. 
Later, Thor provokes Supreme and Odin decides to organise a constest in order to determine who could wield Mojlnir. After a big banquet, the Three Contests begin. 
The first event is a strenght test. Supreme levels the heavy gold statue without problems. Thor succeeds too despite Loki who weaves a spell which weighted the statue. 
The second event is a wisdow contest. The two adversaries have to reach a cavern full of treasure and bring back "The most valued treasure of Asgard". Supreme brings back a statue representing Thor, (the most cherished treasure of Asgard). Despite a new spell of Loki, Thor brings back a gold shield who reflect his own image (the greatest treasure of Asgard).  One more time, the two competitors succeed. 
The third and last event is the speed test. Supreme circles Asgard three times in three hours and 24 minutes before Thor rushs. But the Asgardian has to stop with great tiredness...and sees Loki who, one more time, had used a spell for the defeat of his brother. 
After defeating Loki, Thor, with the power of Mojlnir, tranforms himself to a living thunderbolt and reachs Odin and Supreme in the same time of the earthman. 
So, Odin decides what only a field battle could choose who will be the bearer of mojlnir.







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