Shapeshifting vs Elasticity

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Which is better, elasticity with the ability to alter your color or shapeshifting?

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Depends on the type of shapeshifting, i.e., how deep it goes. Is this just Mystique level, where you can only change into a being of similar mass and density? I.e. she could change into Wolverine and pop out some claws, but they'd only be about as hard as actual fingernails? Is this something more like Copycat, who does the same but replicates the powers and mind of whatever she changes into? Perhaps more Super Skrull, with the powers of whatever you changed into while maintaining your own mind, and able to use those abilities at any point in any combination you can imagine?

Your version of Elasticity is superior to Mystique and Copycat, but loses to Super Skrull.

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