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Superman/Batman: Public Enemiesis a 2009 original direct to video animated superhero film adaptation of "Public Enemies", the opening story arc of DC Comics' Superman/Batman. The story was written by Jeph Loeb and Penciled by Ed McGuinness which focuses on Superman and Batman teaming up to prevent a meteorite from striking Earth and take down Lex Luthor, who has been elected President of the USA. The film is the sixth in the line of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line released by Warner Premier and Warner Bros. Animation. Voice actors from the DCAU reprised their roles, although it is not a DCAU production and is said not to be connected with that universe beyond sharing of voice actors.

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Better than the Graphic Novel 0

So I'll admit that I've been a marvel fan for over 30 years mostly despising DC but in the past year I've been spending at least 3:1 dollars on DC over Marvel. One reason is that the writing is fantastic another is that while I never enjoyed the DC comics, I did always enjoy the animated movies and shows. So obviously I saw this particular animated movie years ago but was not interested in reading the comic. Well, things changed and while I read that not only did they do a terrific job with the ...

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One Of The Best DCAU Movies To Date 0

This review was originally posted on my blog.Another DCAU review for you this time. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is one of the best animated movies that have come out of DC’s animated movies line-up and it is one that I recommend highly. The sense of camaraderie between the two leads, the whole plot involving Lex Luthor becoming President of the United States and bringing some superheroes under his own banner and so on, its all really good stuff. And its got great humour, which is alwa...

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Will heavily attract the all action crowd. 0

The Earth is in danger as usual due to a comet the size of a small country quickly approaching. However, this isn't an ordinary piece of floating rock. The comet is made of solid green Kryptonite that was left over from Krypton which exploded ages ago. The new President of the United States, Lex Luthor, not only wants to stop the comet, but he wants to do it completely on his own in order to satisfy his ego.Being pressured to seek help from the world's superheroes, Luthor stages a meeting with S...

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