Why dont they make a movie with Superman Prime or Silver Age?

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I'm getting tired of them making superman look so weak in these movies. GRRRR....

Then people that don't know him/his comic think he can get beat easily...

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Because this isn't the perfect Superman Silver Age version anymore. We need to have our main characters go through trials & tribulations, we need them to have flaws and fight the villain...not knowing if the hero will come out on top.

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I usually get a different opinion from people who don't read his comics...

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Reeve's Superman was Silver Age...

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exactly what i was thinking, i want to see superman move a planet................or see prime own the justice league or a green lantern army on the big sreen

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Because Silver Age Superman was dumb as hell, go check out some of his Silver Age abilities if you need proof.

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Because people want live action, and you can't really do much with live action otherwise it'll look too weird or goofy. Now animation on the other hand....then you can do a heck of a lot more, but people don't wanna see animation for some reason.

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How about a Golden Age Supes movie? That'd be awesome watching Superman busting some heads, not giving a sh!t and smiling while doin' it.

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Because waaaaaaaaaaay too many people still think Superman can juggle planets. We don't want that.

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They did. Four of them, in fact.

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@marvel123 said:

exactly what i was thinking, i want to see superman move a planet

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Just get a bigger TV

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Oh I don't know, maybe that's because Silver Age Supes was so freaking overpowered that he could destroy entire solar systems by SNEEZING. God, why does everybody gush over the silver age? It was way to ridiculous for my tastes.

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Because Silver age Superman sacrificed good story telling, in favor of making Superman a living dues ex machina or a PIS (plot induced stupidity) machine. It's one thing to give the hero something convenient so he can finally win the day. It''s another thing to do so in a way that makes not one lick of sense, even for a piece of fiction.

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@Supes1903 said:

Reeve's Superman was Silver Age...

this, His feats were insanse!!

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