Where to start for a newbie ?

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I am reading batman and loving it, I am also interested in superman. I got the new action trade that is the first 8 of the new 52 is this a good place to start. What else is worth a read?

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obviously with the new 52, grant morrison's run on action comics has just been released as a hard back but i would also recommend some stand alone trades such as All-Star Superman, godfall, red son, birthright, secret origin, and all of geoff johns stuff specifically up up and away, escape from bizzaro world and last son

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Supergirl is also good.

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@ShiftyAu: New 52 - Superboy , red hood and the outlaws, justice league, nightwing, aquaman,and teen titans. Allsoo starting in superman number 0 in seotember scott lobdell and kenneth rocafort will be on that title so make sure to cheack that out. Also earth 2 is pretty awesome.

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