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Superman is the standard to which all other superheroes are measured by. His tales of heroics and high adventure have inspired people and pop-culture for generations. Appearing in thousands upon thousands of comic books around the world, Superman has become more than a icon, he has become a symbol of hope and dedication. For the first time ever, I rank his 5 greatest battles ever that tested his heart and defined him into the hero that he is.

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These are all worthy battles but I think the "Superman vs Doomsday" battle should be ranked #5 and the rest should all move up one spot each.

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Truth is, I HATED Superman vs Doomsday and I thought it was lame. But I don't let my personal feelings get involved with the rankings, I had to go with facts. The Death of Superman made an undeniably impact on the culture and it showcased Superman's will more-so than any other battle in his history.

Facts are facts.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Up and away!!

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my top 5 greatest battles are:

1 superman vs doomsday. ( this one is too important for not to be the first)

2 superman vs the elitè

3 superman vs kyber

4 superman (supermEn) vs sb-prime

5 superman vs subject-17

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That's correct. No matter what you think about the whole Doomsday debacle personally, you can't deny its influence in the Superman mythos.

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