Superman versus Hulk (LOOK BEFORE YOU COMMENT)

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Posting this on the Superman board for all those who do not frequent the Hulk board and do not know about this:

I saw this on You Tube and it just blew my mind, checked the forums to see if anyone posted this and couldn't find anything on it, so I decided to post it on the Hulk board, but then figured something this good should be on the Superman board too.

The talented artist behind this is MIKE HABJAN, and from I can tell it's a work in progress...

A lot of guys have taken his current work and pieced it together into one whole movie, so I went searching and found the most complete and clearest one (Please note again this movie is not really complete...Habjan is still working on perfecting his craft).

If you have seen it feel free to comment on it, and if you've seen it on here or posted it on here, like I said I tried looking for it, didn't find it, and thought I should share it.

Please note this is NOT a battle post, so I don't want an argument over who would win, I just want comments and opinions on the CGI and the action sequence, whether you're impressed or not, or is this how you would imagine a fight between the Man of Steel and the Strongest there is...


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