Superman Jokes and Spoofs

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Please post any Superman jokes or spoofs or silly tidbits you know of.

For example:

1) I seem to recall an essay on Superman's sex life which I don't seem to have a link to anymore which was incredibly funny.

2) What was up with Superdog? Wasn't there even a Supermonkey at some point? Did DC "accidently" forget about that?

3) Ever see a movie called SuperGuy? Superman fans owe it to themselves to watch this.

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Post Deleted.

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The monkey was named Beppo. He grew up into Super-Gorilla, I belive.

Supergirl had Comet, the Super-Horse (who was also a human when a comet came near the Earth. He used to be a centaur in love with Circe who saved her from an evil sorcerer. As a reward, Circe intended to turn him into a human. But the evil sorcerer had tampered with her potions, and the centaur turned into a horse, instead. To make up for that mishap, Circe gave the horse --Comet-- super powers.) as well as Streaky, the Super-Cat (who got his powers from Kryptonite X). Since both Comet and Streaky were from Earth, Kryptonite did not effect them.

As I remember, Krypto, Beppo, Comet, Streaky, and Chameleon Boy's pet, Proxy 7(?) formed the Legeon of Super Pets.

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Another tid-bit, Clark Kent's social security number is: 092-09-6616. Really.

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Post Deleted.

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Just post a link to

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This good stuff gotta keep this alive.

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Heh heh...let's make a Captain Marvel Jokes and Spoofs forum.

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