Superman cant be made into a good game MYTH, DEBUNKED

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I see alot of dumb comments when discussing a Superman game like ''I want to go to the moon in a Superman game & thats why there will be never a good superman game because that tech isnt ere yet'', not to mention the invincible excuse which gets old quick.

The bottom line is there isnt enough desire to commit to making a great superman game. Most superhero games are cash ins for a quick buck minus the New Batman games. Rocksteady really committed to making a great game & had the ideas to go along with it with not time restraints.

Simple solutions to the Nay sayers regarding the [B]MYTHS of the superman games[/B]:

[U]1. Superman has to fight Robots all the time for combat[/U]:[B] FALSE[/B]

- Superman games become so bad because they are fighting drones all the time. Superman while superpowerful can still fight Magic enemies, Green Kryptonite infected enemies, Blue Kryptonite enemies & other kryptonians. This is just level combat not boss Villians like Darkside, Mettallo, Zod, Robotic Luther, Doomsday, Braniac, Bizarro etc. So you still can have Batman AA/ AC type fights with a gang of enemies where you box them up perform throws & use powers etc

[U]2. Superman Missions wouldnt be challenging: [/U][B]FALSE[/B] Yes we all know Superman cant die but that doesnt mean he cant fail a mission & have to restart/retry the level hence challenging gameplay. Like I mentioned earlier there are enemies you can fight every level that can get you a loss. There could be Missions where specifc powers need to be untilized & possibly puzzle solving added. Their could be a timer for certain missions, too many casualties can cause a retry/restart, not stopping a disaster, killing someone, getting caught in stealth missions, missing the object etc

[U]3. Superman games would conist of spamming Heat Vision: [/U][B]FALSE[/B] While heat vision is a excellent tool, not every enemy would be vulnerable to heat strikes. Some enemies could have certain weaknesses. Example Green K enemies you fight from a distance because the krypt, Blue K enemies hand to hand combat because supe has no powers, Kryptonians can fight you anyway etc There also can be a combo of different types causing you to improvise.

[U]4. Superman would have restraints using his powers , so it wouldnt feel like Superman:[/U] [B]FALSE[/B] While their are plenty of limits in video game design that doesnt mean you cant cut corners to get the same effect. If full building/environment destruction is not possible in a open world, make it possible in the confined levels. Plenty of games have full destruction environments in a open world like Red Faction. And its definitely possible to Bulldoze through cars like in most racing games.

-Superman Returns showcased the flight speeds & the heights you can travel which was pretty impressive. However you can take it a step further by once you get to the invisible wall in the sky, have it teleport you to a Space Map where your above earth. Same effect that you see in Mario games where you go in a tunnel & then you are in a new area possibly the moon or something.

- Superspeed is possible by just slowing down time like in Spiderman 3. You walk/run at a normal speed but everything is in slow mo

- Plenty of games allow you to swim which was left out of Superman Returns for some reason. Opening up the Ocean can add more mission possibilites aswell

- Superman can have the X-Ray vision like Batman AC has where the entire city comes up in a mode where it showcases the enemies & weapons. Could be very usefull for finding hidden objectives or stealth missions as CK.

- etc

[U]5. Superman must lose all his powers in the game[/U]: [B]FALSE[/B] The best thing about Superman is the powers . So theres no reason to avoid that. The best thing you can do is design a game around utilizing the powers. Have certain missions require a specific power or a combination of them. Dont have to many missions where any thing goes, have em specifically designed where powers are needed to complete the objectives

[U]6. Superman is not a fun character:[/U] [B]FALSE[/B] Superman may be a ''Boy Scout'' but has the abilities to do more than most games can allow not to mention all the baseic stuff. Side Missions & Quick Missions can only enhance the experience. Save lifes, stop crimes, save the environement etc

- Bank Robberies

- Muggings

- Fires(Buildings, Gas station, Forrest, Car)

- Police Chases

- Vacating citizens

- Drowning citizens

- Stranded in remote areas

- Sinking Ship

- Transport to Hospital

- Accident Cleanup

- Finding Bombs

- Finding lost kids

- Stopping trains

- Falling debris

- Hostage Situations

-Clark Kent Journalist investivaging /Batman type side missions

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Mission Example: Just so you can understand the examples that would combine to make a challenging yet fun superman game.

1. Clark & Lois investigate a possible crime boss posing as a legit entrepreneur

2. While looking around you are able to use X-Ray vision on most of the facility

3. You find evidence of some sorts but someone is approaching so you must hide

4. Lois hides in a closet or something while Clark has to Float near the ceiling to avoid detection

5. Once the criminals leave, you and lois must leave before uncovering the evidence

6. Lois Lane follows up on a new lead without clark & she turns up missing

7. You as Clark returns to the facility as Superman looking for answers(Flying Point A to B)

8. You use your micro vision to find Lois Lane's Hair strands & dried blood

9. The building has some rooms invisible because they are lined with led but you can hear everything

10. You must use Super Hearing to locate the voice your hearing

11. You come close to the room & realise its a phone call where Lois where abouts are being discussed.

12. Once you received the location you must Fly/Run to the point before its too late.

13. Guards have detected you on Security Camera, you must fight them all off & they are on some form of Kryptonite Blue or Green

14. After finishing that you must be on your way to save lois

15. Once arrived at the location enemies have already been alerted that your on your way. They are carrying Kryptonite weapons & 1 hit finishes you

16. You must go stealth

17. In Superspeed/Stealth mode enemies wont be able to see you because your so fast.

18. Must make your way through obstacles in the building and avoiding hiting any walls or objects because that will set off the guards

19. Finally Your face to face with Lois & Bomb strapped to her

20. You now enter a disarming bomb mode where you use your heat vision to cut the correct wires

21. Once thats done Fly Lois to safety

22. Then Fly back to the crime boss location & take him to Jail then that leads to another mission possible tying in the main picture of the story.

So you see your not just fighting robots in a repetitive fashion. Your Superman utilizing all his powers to complete a objective that has some depth to it & challenge.

Im sure developers could think of more missions that can do the same. 20-25 missions would be fine with me as long as its fresh & intriguing witht he addition of free roam side missions or quick popups

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it should be based off of grant morrisons action comics and on the first two levels you should play as jor el

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a lot of effort was put into this. What you described would make a pretty cool game.

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Unfortunately they cancelled a superman game that had a lot of potential.The trailer showed superman fighting doomsday,how cool would that have been?

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That's actually pretty awesome.

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When I looked at the title, I thought "Great another Superman video game thread." But you've made a clever, innovative pitch that accomadates Superman's powers into a video game environment just like Rocksteady did with Batman and his abilities/gadgetry. Why haven't game developers had good ideas like this one?

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pretty pretty pretty good

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Appreciate all the positive comments thus far just thought it was long overdue to get a good game centered around the character. The possibilities are endless when designing a game for Superman. I feel like the developers & studios arent willing to put the effort into making it. Sucked to hear that Rocksteady wasnt onboard with making a Superman game because of the Myths thats its not possible to make a fun & challenging game. Theres plenty of inspiration for missions & stories in the Movies, TV Shows & Comics.

I just think it all comes down to utilizing all the abilities for each mission & building around it. He can do different things with each ability & because hes so powerful you just have to expand on it & put him in that situation. Having X-ray vision, Microvision, & Superhearing is pretty much a base for introducing investigation/detective missions.

Another example of this

1.Clark & Lois Arrive at a investigation area & on the door is a security key pad.

2. After Lois is ready to give up, You are willing to take a crack at it

3.You tell Lois to be the lookout then a button sequence pops up where you mash buttons eluding to you entering thousands of combos in a few seconds

4. You now have access to the floor you then come in contact with surveillance cameras, So you zap those with heat vision while proceeding

5. While using X-ray vision you find all kind of track marks on the floor leading to a hidden area where a safe lies

6. Lois is right next to you as you uncover the safe, You unable to break the safe for obvious reasons must resort to another tactic

7. You put your ear on the Safe because you must use superhearing to listen to the clicks as you turn the dial Left to Right

8. Once the safe opened you find encrypted documents & with your X-ray vision alot of finger prints

9. You must make a mental note of the prints

10. The documents while encrypted has some names on it which now are possible suspects

11. Of the 3 suspects you have you must locate them & get their finger prints

12. As Superman you travel to various locations where the suspects are & monitor them

13. Each suspect Touches something that leaves there finger prints on it whether its a glass or something similar

14. You must turn back into Clark Kent & get each item(Phone Booth introduction)

15. Once each item is obtained you must compare them all & matchup the prints then you have the main suspect

16. As the Lois & Clark Duo you turn you findings into the Police

17. The Police apprehend the suspect & interrogate him

18. Clark waiting outside the room has ease drop on the interrogation & gets the lead

19. There is some sort of shipments being sent by trucks outside of Metropolis

20. As Superman you must find these trucks which are on the road that have distinct markings

21. You must fly extremely high to get a birds eye view of all the traffic using your microvision to locate the trucks

22. Once key'd in on the trucks you must stop the trucks before they meet their destination, so superspeed is needed.

23. Your 1st attempt at stopping the truck was unsuccessful because of loss of power when you got near it

24. Green K is being transported in the truck so you cant get very close

25. You must maintain distance & speed while using heat vision to blow out each tire on the trucks before they reach their destination

26. Now the trucks are wobbly & out of control

27. You must now use your freeze breath to freeze the tires to stop the truck

28. You now have to go to a construction site & burrow some led sheets metal

29. Take the Led back to the truck to contain the Green K

30. Apprehend the suspects & take them back to the station to uncover more of the mystery pertaining to importing & exporting Green K

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The real issue has always been flight. No serious, single player video games have a character with unlimited, unrestricted flight as a central gameplay element.

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your ideas are exactly what most superman fans have been saying the only real issue here is flight, with such an ability superman wont have batman restrictions of having to complete and objective so he can get the bat grapple in order to continue, on and if you are aloud to fly from the get go then the moon should be included as an environment, also i think it should start of like action comics for the first story part u cant fly only jump real high, then have a mission refrencing AC where superman has to jump to the moon i think thats the one where he learns to fly, then near the end of the mission brainiac shoot a missile at metropolis and then u go into a avatar like state where jor-el say some thing like " you have yet to reach you full potential defying gravity is a part of that" cue a scene where your instinct awakes then you fly after the missile and stop after the it will say you have now gained the ability to fly

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Love the right up. A Superman game should not be a beat 'em up style game. Here are some of my ideas:

-Superman Return's only good feature was how Superman had no health meter, but Metropolis did. They can do something similar to that, where by failing to save people, causing people to die or get hurt by not being careful with powers, reduces the meter. When it's empty, Superman fails, while it refills by doing heroic feats. He should only have a health meter when facing someone who can actually hurt him, like a power enemy such as Doomsday or Darkseid or someone using kryptonite or magic.

-The game should just overwhelm the player, so while they are doing missions, other smaller events can pop up at the same time that can be highlighted using super hearing and vision. He then has to balance fighting a tough foe with still having to save people around him. So let's say he's trying to stop a villain, robberies and other crimes can happen, and using your super flight and speed, you can fly from place to place to help(or not, but risk lowering your "Metropolis" meter), but always making sure to return quickly to the main threat. The challenge should come from using your powers well and multitasking, not spending any considerable amount of time brawling thugs.

-Like the OP stated, most missions should be designed around using either a mix of his powers, or one in particular. Have a variety of side missions that each focus on one of his powers that the player can quickly identify and deal with, while major missions require you to use a combination of them to complete.

-He does not have to start with all his powers. Have the game broken into chapters, where he starts as a young teen in Smallville as a tutorial to get the player used to controlling him, and have him learn how to use his powers as he goes along, learning to fly, use his heat visions and breaths, and this allows the player to still upgrade him and not start uber powerful.

-Clark Kent sections should be more like Heavy Rain or LA Noire, where he uses his powers to help his investigating an reporter skills, and should be somewhat stealth based as the player tries not to do anything that would give away their identity.

The game can be done, we just need a good developer who understands the character and is committed to make a game revolved around making the player truly feel like Superman, and not just a quick cash in where you are some guy who can fly, but just happens to look like Superman. The flying would be the toughest part since it would have to be made for consoles, and current consoles might have trouble rendering an open world game that has a satisfyingly interactive environment, while being able to load everything on time without glitches because he should be able to fly from one point of the city to the next within seconds. Also, it just needs to feel right, this is the one power that the player should never get tired of using, ever. It should be fun from the moment you get it to the moment you finish the game.

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Superman's game should be high end cinematic, one made in the silver age would be crazy fun (with a similar engine to Asura's Wrath)

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Good job u have put alot of thought in this what would be nice to see is no restrictions to just metropolis but open up smallville and maybe Gotham for a dlc u get my point.

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Interesting, this could actually probably work

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Action Comics power levels would be great.

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@SandMan_ said:

Action Comics power levels would be great.

Yeah Superman being able to jump to space is a great power level. I personally think the game should not take place in Metropolis, that's how the batman akrham games worked. I was thinking maybe the phantom zone.

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That sounds a lot like Superman using his powers to fight crime like Batman. While Superman does use his powers like that to a degree and this would make some very interesting missions, people are still going to want some epic and "loud" battles and a certain level of flight freedom to complete the game.

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I would love to see a supes game where apokolips is the setting. I agree he should be at action comic levels but should get stronger as the game progresses. Fighting in the air would be the main problem with this game. I can't think of any game that has got the physics right of a game where the main character flies around as he fights.

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These mission ideas sound amazing. I wish that they would make a game like this. Superman is such a great character who gets a bum wrap for people believing him to be a dull boy scout. It's really a shame. Hopefully something like a great game or movie will be able to change that

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@sethysquare said:

pretty pretty pretty good


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They would have to create a new physics system for a midair fight, this would be the main hurdle and why I wouldn't buy the game despite being an avid comic fan

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Superman Returns actually has most of these things. The game only lacks a developing story and the "normal missions" are just crap(especially the one with the dragons, it's appearantly just another day in Metropolis when a firebreething dragon jumps out of nowhere and starts setting fire to office buildings).I got the feeling the game was rushed for the movie, since you can not actually "super-speed" during a rescue part, as in everything slows down around you and you can rescue people then.And a new physics system for mid air (boss)fight? they could use something similar to the dragonball-z fighting games on the 360, this works well enough. Ofcourse it will be limited, since freelook(aiming heat-vision) in combination with hovering an free flight is unplayable, the main reason why you fight bizarro on the ground.

And in justice league heroes he was pretty well done.

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so many very good ideas. Any Superman fan can come up with numerous ideas for a fun, functional game. Developers don't seem to have much creative licence or pure creativity to do things correctly. If the real fans are heard then a game could be very classic, very dynamic and varied. The thing is they seem to want to "win over" people who are not predisposed towards liking the Man of steel anyway. so I say forget them and hear the fans out. A Superman's rogue Gallery with back stories on each villain would only need to include about ten of his most dedicated foes. Start out little and grow from there: Bloodsport. Terra Man. Atomic Skull. Metallo. Parasite. Silver Banshee. Solomon Grundy. Bizarro. Lobo. Mongul. Maxima. Darkseid. Any Phantom Zone villain. You do a cutscene or two that explains the villain's history and hatreds; the villain strikes out for Earth or Metropolis; Lois and Clark investigate; all hell breaks loose leading to a job for Superman. In between there's the FEMA -styled clean up, re-construction, police work to get the player trained. Need an overarching storyline? Brainiac toys with Superman's mind. If you fail a level, you wake up in Kent's apartment or the Fortress of Solitude. And if you play Superman as a villain you are forced into an alternate storyline resembling Red Son.

I want the game, more than a million players want a decent Superman game I 'd guess. Developers must ignore the naysayers and negative nellies. Ask the fans what to do and we will tell you. The good ideas will be evident. They are all over this forum.

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If I'm right, under a red sun Superman doesn't have any powers? Maybe it could take place on Earth when the sun is slowly turning red for some reason, that way Superman would have his limits and wouldn't be too overpowered. He wouldn't have some of his powers...or maybe a weaker form of them. And just like Arkham Origins takes place in one night, the Superman game could take place in one day. And then when he stops the sun from turning red, the game gives you a taste of the godlike powers that Superman has for the last bit of the game, just so the whole game isn't like that. But there could be a free roam feature at the end where you can lay waste with your full fledged abilities for however long you want. Also, flying could be in first person, and you could aim your heat vision with Occulus Rift.

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I don't understand why people think there needs to be a red sun or kryptonite to weaken superman so he isn't overpowered. Just make it an origin story where he is progressively getting more powerful or just put him up against some strong ass enemies. I don't wanna see a red sun the whole game or see green kryptonite everywhere.

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The simple formula would be to do what Spider-Man games do and make a lot of variation. Regress back into Silver-Age level silliness if you have to. Just keep it interesting that after the fun of godlike powers wear off, you can still enjoy yourself.

Have multiple villains, and for the Big Bad have two; Luthor and Darkseid. So that you can have one to test your mind and one to actually challenge you in a fight.

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