Man Of Steel UK tv spot

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i just cried a lil bit,this is gonna be incredibly epic...10 points to whoever spots the heat vision!

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I'm sooooooooo excited for this movie it's ridiculous!!! :D

I saw the trailer in the movie theater when i went to watch IM3 ... And i was in awe :O

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Is the Heat Vision in the office building? Cause that was some intense and destructive heat vision if that's what that was.

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@deaditegonzo: Yup, Zod uses it!

Wow, Heat Vision, to me, has always been Superman's coolest looking power. The fact that the movie isnt going with the understated "invisible heat" vision, and showing the wide spectrum f*** stuff up heat vision from the comics further convinces me that this movie may be the "ONE". lol

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The movie looks great, I think that's been said to death by now. BTW, am I the only one who thinks they should use the Trailer 3 music on all the trailers and TV spots for this movie?

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@jldoom: the last tv spot had it and it was glorious but i guess they felt it was over used. on a side note i have it on loop constantly while at work and at home.

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is it normal if u start crying while seeing this

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@w0nd: Yeah, the last TV spot inspired that line of thought. Personally I wouldn't mind if the theme ends up being overused because it's just way too epic.

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Awesome heat vision! Love the person jumping towards the jet!

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