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I Believe in Superman 0

Superman is a hero who believes in Truth Justice and the American way, but The Elite have other plans. They were pretty cool in the movie and their voices were awesome. They challenged Superman and it was absolutely amazing when they fought on the moon and in Metropolis. Learning about Manchester Black was interesting and seeing the other members of the Elite were awesome. I enjoyed the talk with Pa Kent and Lois was awesome because she stood by Clark's side and believed in him even when the wor...

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Superman Vs. Elite. 0

In the late 80's and the early 90's the anti hero took center stage. This sparked the debate as to whether the "old guard" ( Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman) were heroes who were no longer relevant. In the comics medium this question of new versus old, and noble vs. realistic was dealt with and for some answered by the amazing graphic novel Kingdom ComeIt is a question that should be asked. Would the world or at least the world Superman inhabits be better if he were a killer. The same could be ...

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Very Good 0

The concept of superman is sometimes forgotten, but in this movie it is revived and does not disappoint. The story was one of my favorites out of all of the DC animated films. The fight scenes were just so glorious. They did add some nice plot twists and very creative people. The only thing I found confusing was the "Bunny" ship thing. I'm not to sure what the point of it was in the story besides be the hideout for The Elite. Overall, great movie. I would recommend this for any superman fan....

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Must See Super Film! 0

The whole Versus part of the title itself made me frown considering how often movie makers have used it to offer up worthless junk—Aliens Vs. Predator; Freddy Vs. Jason; Aliens Vs. Cowboys—you get the idea. But don’t be fooled by the title, it’s far from a mere brainless action brawl but a look into the question of Superman’s validity as an icon.Is Superman relevant anymore? Or is he simply a tired old joke? He’s been trivialized, satirized, belittled, mocked,...

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