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The Battle Continues

Alright, I admit this is my first Superman: Unchained review, but I read the whole book since the first issue, so I'm aware of the story up until now. Scott Snyder and Jim Lee once again hit the nail with this issue. Their run in the Superman series is great. In this new chapter, Superman continues his uneasy team-up with Wraith, the alien supersoldier working for the U.S. Army, to defeat Ascension, a new terrorist group that has developed weapons that could even kill Superman. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has kidnapped Jimmy and Lois is on deep trouble of her own.

The Good

Snyder proves once again why is he one of the best Superman writers of The New 52. After seeing his Batman works, he became one of my favorite writers, and his work in this book is cool. I liked how he intertwined Superman's story with those of Lois and Jimmy. Superman explores the idea of the world's governments developing weapons that could kill him and the fact that he still has to fully develop his powers. Lois continues working to uncover the truth behind Ascension and Lex wants Jimmy to destroy Superman, seeing him as Superman's best friend. One of things I liked is the mystery behind Wraith's origins and how he became a U.S. soldier. I also liked that once again, Luthor is attempting to destroy Superman, proving that he is the Man of Steel's greatest enemy. In his most recent plan, Lex says that Jimmy will be the one that destroys Superman, in one way or another. Meanwhile, Lois gets a crystal that needs to be protected from Ascension. I really want to see where this arc is going.

Jim Lee's arts were great. The higher-ups at DC Comics were right on putting him in charge of this series' artwork. I really hope he stays onboard for more action.

The Bad

There is nothing wrong with this issue.

The Verdict

A great issue for a great series. I'm waiting to see more.

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