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"The Trial of Superman" part 1! His powers drained by the Parasite, Superman is forced to stand trial for the destruction of Krypton before an intergalactic tribunal. Plus, an alternate timeline from ZERO HOUR seems to be coming true as Alpha Centurion steps in to replace Superman on Earth. Continued in SUPERMAN (1987-2006) #106.

The Tribunal has come to Earth, looking for Kal-El. They find him soon enough, fighting the Parasite in the sewers. The Tribunal sends out an attack to capture and return with Kal-El.

Elsewhere, Superman has nearly been drained by the Parasite. The SCU comes in the mech-suits, but they can't do much to save Superman. Alpha Centurion and Lexcorp's Centurions follow them and engage the Parasite. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the arrival of the attack team from the Tribunal ship. The team takes Superman and departs, before Parasite has a chance to catch them. Alpha Centurion almost tricks him into freezing himself, but then Dr. Torval's personality takes over the Parasite and he easily outsmarts him.

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