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The Superman Story That Someone Had to Write

A lot of people forget how hot the Cold War really was even in its later years. While the Cuban Missile Crisis is often remembered as the near tipping point to nuclear war, there were incidents as late as the mid 1980s, including the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and U.S. President Ronald Reagan's "evil empire" speech and "bombing starts in five minutes" joke - the latter of which was made only the year previous to this issue of Superman.

The fact is that if a Superman really existed, sooner or later he would have to tackle the issue of nuclear armaments. It was an issue that the writers of Superman could not avoid, and here they handle it with aplomb.

On the one hand, we've seen that Superman's very existence is based on the idea that he will intercede on humanity's behalf when it's faced with potential annihilation. On the other hand, Superman has also wrestled with the unintended effects his presence has on mankind's development.

In this story, Superman goes about a normal day, but all the events of his day keep pushing the question back to the forefront.
Well done.

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