answerman's Superman Confidential #7 - Welcome to Mer-tropolis, Conclusion review

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So-So amongst so-so...

Well I didn't HATE this ish, but it sure wasn't exciting.

Even the cover which while looking great with the tag line "TO SAVE METROPOLIS!" is remarkably underwhelming.

Like Supes doesn't save Metropolis in almost every ish hes in?

The idea of Lori Lemaris possessed by evil?

Not handled in an exciting manner thats for sure, everyone in Metropolis being made into water breathers was decidedly drab.

the art had some real enthusiasm and Koi Turnbull may very well have a bright future ahead of himself in the industry if he sharpens up his skills a tad and steps a bit away from the exaggeration.

The ish had its moments the best one being where the tide turns at the climax, which made the story not stink for me.

A solid ending can definately turn an somewhat drab story around for me and that was the case here.

Not a waste of cash, but nothing I'd recommend off the top of my head!

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