Finally! The Big Screen movie we've all been waiting for!

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There's the link, here's the quote:

Superman and Batman will be in a movie together. But it’s not Justice League —at least, not yet.
As reported by Variety, the Lego minifigure versions of both characters will be part of the forthcoming live-action/animated hybrid film Lego: The Piece of Resistance, scheduled for Feb. 28, 2014. Thus far, the film has cast Up All Night/Arrested Development actor Will Arnett as Batman, and is looking to court Channing Tatum as Superman, who hasn’t yet committed — Tatum previously worked with Lego directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller on this year’s successful comedy 21 Jump Street. Robot Chicken’s Chris McKay will co-direct.
Parks and Recreation co-star Chris Pratt will voice the lead character Emmet, an “ordinary, law-abiding Lego mini-figure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary Masterbuilder. He’s drafted into a fellowship of strangers on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the universe together.”
Lego and Warner Bros. have previously partnered on several projects featuring Lego versions of DC characters, including the Lego Batman video games, the second of which was released earlier this month. (Review here.)

You were excited too, right? Honestly, what are they thinking!?

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this has already been reported here by the Vine staff....and I think that a lot of people are misunderstanding's not a Superman/Batman movie but they'll be in it

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