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Black Mercy for Birthday

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons team up to present a fantastic adventure of Superman, Batman, Robin (Jason Todd) and Wonder Woman for a celebration of the beloved Kryptonian in his Fortress of Solitude. It´s such a well writen story, where Moore captivates the reader with so many details about the main characters, exploring the inexperience of Todd meeting Superman, the friendship that bonds these characters, Batman´s witts to solve the problem, Diana´s grit and strength since she goes toe-to-toe with Mongul and a lot of good references that writers today use in telling our stories (I don´t know for sure but I guess this is the first time DC introduced the concept of the Black Mercy, that would be used in Green Lantern Vol 5 by Geoff Jonhs). Dave Gibbons is excellent and he has great chemistry with Moore, they´re a fabulous creative team. The best thing about this issue is that I, who am not a fan of Superman, enjoyed a lot his cruise for happiness and oblivion while his friends were trying to save him from Mongul´s clucthes. Also, the participation of Robin is amazing, I don´t think many writers could use him the way Moore did. This is an awesome issue, that deserves a place in your colletcion! Highly recommended!!
5 out 5

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