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"Panic in the Sky" part 2, continued from Superman: The Man of Steel (1991-2003) #9. Even Superman can't stand alone against the power of Warworld. So the Man of Steel gathers the toughest group of super-heroes ever assembled, Dirty Dozen-style, but will even they be enough to stop this new threat? Continued in Adventures of Superman (1986-2006) #487.

The cosmically astute Metron has visited Almerac. He is speechless to see the civilisation reduced to ruins by Warworld's attack. He is musing when he is suddenly attacked telepathically by Brainiac. He is captured but manages to teleport his Mobius Chair to Earth.

Meanwhile, Dubbilex, Superman and Guardian are removing the debris inside Project Cadmus when the Mobius Chair appears. Dubbilex senses that something sinister has befallen Metron. While they are at this, the Gods Orion and Lightray appear in search of Metron. Superman informs them that Warworld has captured Metron. They leave for Warworld without heeding to Superman's warnings.

Upon Warworld, Orion and Lightray are quickly subdued by, Supergirl, Maxima, and other warriors.

Superman is telepathically mocked by Brainiac. He realises that he will need the help of other heroes to win this battle. So he contacts Lex Luthor for equipments and then goes out in search of others.

Superman requests Deathstroke to be his team's field leader, meets Diana and Aquaman and then broadcasts the news all over the World. Heroes assemble from all over the World to listen to Superman.

Meanwhile, Aquaman is attacked underwater by Brainiac's Headship and captured. The Headship appears outside the Heroes' headquarters with him.

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