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Among allies

Again this issue is focused more on the deeper meanings of the ongoing events as opposed to simply being an action based story.  There are a few divergent paths here though as the Father first has to deal with bad news from his doctor and then is confronted by the same guy that confronted Superman at the end of the previous issue.  He and Superman later share some more introspection, this time regarding Superman's confrontation with the member's of the Justice League.  So often when members of the Justice League are brought in to another comic they sort of fit to the plot, instead of the plot fitting to the characters.  here though the characters are represented perfectly, most so Batman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.    

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Again this is another issue which stands on the strengths of its characters and the story as opposed to a bunch of action sequences.  Action sequences can be good in a comic as long as they are in the right place, but strong dialogue and strong characterizations will always win out, as they do here.    

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