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Superman #17 Review

Superman #17 Review


H’el on Earth concludes.

The Good:

I will admit that I did not see the end coming, at least the way H’el was stopped. It was very good and probably one of the strongest issues of the crossover. For the sake of not revealing spoilers, I won’t talk about the story but it was really good.

Scott Lobdell does a great job at giving everyone some panel time and it really is nice to see members of the Justice League and Dr. Veritas show up if only briefly. It shows consistency. All of the Super-family was well characterized from their regular series and it was nice to see that too. Lobdell does a good job of keeping everything serious and to the point as there were several loose ends that needed to be dealt with.

The art by Kenneth Rocafort is, as always, excellent. The first page was particularly good.

The Bad:

One of the biggest things about the issue that was bad was The Oracle. He shows up for two pages and then leaves. Maybe there is something more for him (it?) later in the series but for the sake of the crossover, he seemed a little pointless. While they say why he is there in cosmic terms, he doesn’t do much in relation to what is happening.


A solid way to end the long crossover is delivered by Lobdell and Rocafort; it was well written and beautifully drawn, and had a nice twist to end it. The continued inclusion of Wonder Woman was a nice touch instead of just randomly ending her involvement. Overall seeing the crossover end is nice because now the series can move forward with more stories.

4 out of 5

I apologize if this review sucks. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone...

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