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The Endless terrible Cycle.

You know after Superior , i was mad at slott, i didn't hate him of course, but i hated what he had done, of course, after thinking about this for a long time, i came to the conclusion, that my anger is meaningless. Even my first review is titled " it's called telling a story" just because i felt that nothing was permanent and due to the fact that the movie come out soon, peter would have been back in no time, but now my anger has risen again, but not at slott, no, instead at the marvel staff, because i know why the did this, and i do not like it, not one bit. ( thanks to Lvenger i cam to this conclusion)

Anyways, before i get to that, lets discuss the issue itself. The Art, is , as the previous issue, amazing ( enough with the puns), i love how much details are applied to spider-man and massacre, and i loved the vivid colors.

But the plot is the biggest weak point. Massacre is in my opinion an awesome villain, but his motives here seems completely absurd, i get that he is insane, but why on earth would cross his mind to advertise Moca cola? honestly, i have no response to this , why? was it because he just wanted to kill people? no idea. but anyways, this issue did some thing worse, and no it wasn't the fact that spider-man SPOILERS killed Massacre, no. However since this was brought up, lets talk about this little shindig. This particular event can be looked from two perspectives , it could be looked as a total blasphemy that goes against everything spider-man stands for, which is no doubt bad, but it's also good in a way. the reason i say this is because of the fact that spider-man IS not peter parker right now , it's ock, so it's GOOD that Ock is still the bad guy, which means it makes it harder for spider-man to overcome this challenge, but there is one thing i don't get, spider-man stopped Ock before from killing as a floating sole, but here he seems helpless, which i do not understand why, but if thats the case, it makes i even worse.

Now for the big bonanza, Remember how One More day was made to put peter back in his old position , with a bad reputation and social life? yeah, this is exactly just why ock is in peter body, and it's not because of slott, it's because they need spider-man back at his old position, and this will repeat in a couple of years until someone realizes that setting back so much character development is not particularly good.

This was disappointing , if you want good spider-man action, where real character development takes place , god read avenging spider-man, which is awesome mind you. sorry Dan, i like your other stuff, but not this.

Recommendation : no....

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