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Thank God....

From last horrible issue, this seems like huge step again. I am not a fan of the whole SHIFT but hey, it's temporary, if you haven't figured that out yet then you need to think.

This was a very entertaining and fun issue, the first thing i'd like to mention if the fact that.....oh.....i don't know... SOMEONE FINELY SEES THAT SOMETHING MIGHT BE WRONG WITH PETERS BRAIN! it's about time! i mean , how do people not notice the different manner of talking and the use of different words in contrast to peters usual vocabulary, to the fact that he isn't working the same way he use to.

Now, before i get into the juicer stuff , i'd like to mention that i love peters new tech and upgrades. I also like the fact that ock/spider-man utilizes peters brain way better due to his focus.

Now, the biggest glory point of the issue was the fact that, otto, unlike peter, knew the villains he is up against because he was working with them at one point of his life, therefore, he may have established friendships with some of spider-mans foes, which provides a whole new ball game, considering that this only only changes but also complicates things.

However this time around otto tries to reason with the villain(vulture) at first, because at one point they had been team mates, but of course due to Ocks re-modeling, Vulture does not listen and sends his henchmen to fight spider-man. The big twist was that these creatures were actually children, which triggers one of ocks memories of his childhood, and afterwords he goes him into a rage.

But the big Idea of the issue it the fact that otto finely sees things from peters prescriptive, and he realizes that the man before him, someone he tried to help and had once called him friend, was a monster , nothing less, nothing more.

Ok can Adrian possibly Hold and enraged spider-man by the neck, while spider-man can basically do nothing? what the hell? this did not make sense to me since a regular spider-man can pretty much slap adrian around.

also how come carlie notices peters change but MJ doesn't? sure she maybe smarter but no one, and i mean NO ONE knows peter better than MJ, yet she fails to see peters change, she has only yet made a slight remark in issue two...*sigh*

Recommendation: sure.

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