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We all know this comic will be the most talked about this week with all the major Spidey news uncovering few days ago. I had to read this first from my pull-list this week. Yes, the real Peter Parker did partially return from te "dead" in this issue.


This was the conclusion of the Venom arc. Man, Superior Venom is damn powerful. Venom SpOck pretty much man-handled some of the main Avengers all by himself until Flash Thompson in the Iron-man suit showed up to put down Spidey. Flash Thompson had a decent amount of showing in this issue. SpOck still somehow finds a way to get out of hot-water (Not for long). There were a lot of plot threads that were covered very well by Dan slott. The Goblin shenanigans continue to build up to Superior Spider-man's final arc. The escalation and development of Goblin Nation has been written fantastically by Slott. TheThe obvious best part of the story is return of the real Peter Parker. Peter is still inside SpOck's mind, but he doesn't know it.

The art looked good here. All the fight scenes were drawn really nicely. Ramos is a good fit for this title and I'm glad he is sticking around for Amazing Spider-man.


When the Avengers first showed up in this series, they were written very moronically. I felt like they were kind-of dumbed down here also. They let go of SpOck once again! I think the last page saved the Avengers from suffering complete embarrassment. Another big complaint I have is this, why did Marvel/Dan Slott felt the need to announce Peter Parker is coming back right before this issue came out? Why couldn't they wait 1 WEEK? That took away the shock-value of his return and made the comic a little less enjoyable for me. This was the same case for me with Geoff Johns spilling the beans about the ending of Trinity war before a month the last issue came out! I really don't like that.

Verdict: This was a great conclusion to this arc. BIG developments take place in this issue for the upcoming Goblin War and the end of Superior Spider-man. If you are a big Spiderman fan, this is a must read issue for you. 8/10

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